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The club was founded on 11 May 1962. The then-president was Michal Kmet. These people also helped him: Móricz Kiss, Gyula Simon, Lajos Varga, Sándor Kovács and Zoltán Rácz. The playing staff: Ferenc Rigó, Tibor Varga, Dezső Hodossy, Tibor Miklós, Dezső Kiss, Zoltán Kiss, József Varga, Alojz Mészáros, Lajos Szelle, Árpád Hodossy and Rudolf Somogyi.

In 1964 the team reached the fifth place in the second-class league of the district.

In 1980 they were promoted to the regional championship. Unfortunately, after a few years they were relegated back to the former league.

In the last ten years we have founded the academy. The women's football team has been active for two years. We try to entertain that way the sports-loving residents of our village.